Our First Episode of Will It Sense

During the duration of our Kickstarter campaign,  some people have approached us with concerns that the multi-touch and pressure sensitivity of the Morph might be too good to be true.  We figured there is no better way to show them that it’s the real deal than capturing video footage of it detecting some objects we had around the office and sharing it.  Our show-and-tell will continue in multiple episodes of Will It Sense.

Check out our first episode of Will It Sense below, featuring CEO and Co-Founder Ilya Rosenberg and Product Marketing Lead Stephanie Chedíd.

If there’s an object you’d like to see the Morph sense, please tweet the object along with #WillItSense at @senselinc and we might show the Morph detecting it in our next episode!  We hope you enjoyed our first episode of Will It Sense, and remember, not everything is too good to be true.


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